Hi, my name is Brittany. Welcome to Responsive Nutrition! After spending many years in wellness, I began to notice a trend: we all know what we “need to do” when it comes to nutrition, but none of us are doing it. Why? It’s a multifaceted answer and it’s different for everyone. Some of us are overworked, or constantly stressed with work or school commitments. Some of us have always used food as a coping tool and are unsure how to break the cycle. Some of us simply have needs that are more urgent than cooking a nutritious meal at home. Whatever it is and however you define it, when it comes down to it, its called life- and we are all caught up in it!

My goal is to help you break nutrition down into small, manageable steps to reach your goals. Maybe you’re looking to improve your performance on the field, heal your relationship with food, or add nutrition to your family dinner plate. Whatever it might be, let me help you incorporate it into the life you already have, instead of rearranging our entire life to meet your nutrition needs. 

More about me:

I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Coach with a Behavioral Change Specialist through the American Council on Exercise  (ACE). I have spent the last five years in wellness serving groups and clients of all ages with concerns ranging nutrition to tobacco cessation. I also have experiences in childhood, community nutrition as well as clinical dietetics. 

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