Gaining weight...the right way

Earlier this week we had the pleasure of hosting Brittany Wells from Responsive Nutrition.  She presented on an important topic for our summer athletes: Gaining Weight… The Right Way.  She covered a number of areas of interest related to the topic.  She was kind enough to voice record her presentation for us and we are excited to share it here in our blog.  This is a must-watch for any athlete trying to gain weight this summer!  Thank you Brittany and we look forward to having you out for another presentation this fall!

In-Season Training

The number 1 goal of any training program is the development of fundamental movement patterns.  No difference during the season.  Most athletes we see at Elite, no matter their training background, lack the ability to perform an “ideal” squat and/or hinge pattern.  These movements are essential to athletic development AND performance!  So the first component of an in-season training program is work dedicated to those patterns.  Athletes should spend time every day working on the athletic position, squat, and hinge.  These may be body weight variations or light weight assisted variations.  Example are the Body Weight Box Squat, Plate-Assisted Squat and Hip Hinge with PVC on Spine.
After time is dedicated to foundational movement, other qualities can and should be maintained.  Full body strength and power are among those qualities, as well as core and scapular stability.  For an overhead athlete, core and scapular stability are essential for arm health and transference of ground forces up the kinetic chain.  If limitations exist, they should be addressed on an individual basis but some basic variations are beneficial for most everyone.  The basics for core and scapular stability include: Plank, Side Plank, Glute Bridge, and Prone Y, T, A, W Holds on an Incline Bench.  No matter the athlete, these exercises should always be staples.
Lastly, Scapular Upward Rotation, is crucial for an overhead athlete.  Being able to get your shoulder blade into an optimal position to deliver the baseball/softball is extremely important for staying healthy.  Otherwise, a lack of congruency exists between the ball and socket of the shoulder and injuries may occur.  Once again, a lack of scapular upward rotation should be addressed on an individual basis but basic variations benefit most everybody.  The Wall Slide with Roller is beneficial for all athletes because it opposes the extended postures the sport demands.  This exercise helps the shoulder blade sit flush on the rib cage so that it can work up during the throwing motion.
Big take home point is that the basics are huge for developing athletes and essentially serve as standards or key performance indicators.  Develop the basics and you will be well on your way to optimal performance and preventing injury.