What is ESC Fuel?

Elleman SC has partnered with Responsive Nutrition, to help our clients gain a competitive edge in their sport through nutrition!
Responsive Nutrition

How can this help you?

You do the work on the field, you do the work in the gym, but are you fueling properly? Nutrition can be an important component to your training!

How do I get started?

Scroll down on this page to learn more about our Nutrition 101 program!

What is Nutrition 101?

ESC Fuel lays the foundation for incorporating general and sports nutrition into your daily routine. Not only do we start with the basics (What can nutrition do for you? What are Macronutrients? What are Micronutrients?) We add in how to actually APPLY to everyday life. (Meal Planning, Prepping and Grocery Shopping) **Nutrition 101 comes with Captioned Videos and Step-by-Step handouts for you to get started!

Here is what’s included:

Part 1:
Progression not Perfection: the key to building nutrition into your everyday life, instead of rearranging your whole life.
Part 2:
Why Sports Nutrition?
Part 3:
The Basics: All about Macronutrients, Micronutrients, and Hydration.
Part 4:
How do we use it? How can you fuel your every day, as well as your practices and competitions?
Part 5:
How do we achieve this? More On identifying needs, meal planning/prepping, grocery store tour, eating on the road.
Part 6:
Supplements and other frequently asked questions.

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